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Other Staff of Caldecott Community
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Other Staff of Caldecott Community

Some staff, remembered by Christopher Howell

Christopher Howell was at Caldecott from 1961 until 1971. Of musical fame, he now resides in Italy, and this year (Jan 2016) was browsing through some, recently added. website photo's donated by David Carver. We were grateful to receive comments on some of the photos and his comments are recorded here with links to the photos.

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James King at Caldecott 1961 - 1992

James has written his own 'Reflections' on his time at Caldecott. The full transcript can be found HERE.

For most of these years James was a Director of Caldecott, having been chosen by Leila Rendel as her successor. The following extract is from his 'Reflections' and works well as an introduction:-

I had travelled 6,000 miles with my family to take up an appointment at the Caldecott Community. The year was 1961. Apart from an unrelated degree and a desire to work with children, my only real qualification was that I was a father. My wife, who was an SRN, and therefore more qualified, and my two very young children were part of this venture into looking after children residentially. I had given up a post in South America, where I had been sent by a large British company. The main object of that enterprise was to make huge profits for one of the wealthiest families in the United Kingdom. This we did successfully, but working in Commerce in those days involved spying on competitors, wriggling endlessly to avoid paying legitimate taxes and not trusting anyone, not even myself, with anything approaching the truth. I was therefore amazed at the strange Community which I now joined.

Now, nearly 60 years later, a short while after his funeral in June 2017, his family, friends and ex-Caldecott members met at Wye Church and Caldecott House, Smeeth, to celebrate his life. A recording of some of this event has kindly been donated to the Caldecott Archives by his family and can be heard here (approx 67 mins). {mp3}james_king_memorial_service{/mp3}

Betty Hillyar (Miss Hill)

Betty was born in 1904 in Somerset, and joined the Community at the age of 29. A stalwart leader of the catering facility from the Mote days, through the difficult times at Hyde House, until she took well deserved retirement from Mersham-le-Hatch in 1970. She sadly died in 1992.

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Open Letter to ex-members 1969

SA/CA/ACL.(Also uploaded to 'Written memories of Caldecott Community')

This is an 'Open letter' to any ex-member of Caldecott Community. It appears to have been written by Ann Lee (née Cooper) and is dated December 1969 (shortly after the death of Miss Leila) when Ann was living in Marlborough (address not added here). Original scanned image to be found in Ann (Cooper) Lee's photograph collection in the Caldecott Archives at PETT.

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