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Caldecott Community Website Update Record
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Caldecott Community Website Update Record

Significant changes to the Caldecott Community website will be recorded here:


Changes to Caldecott Community Website

03.09.2013 Website went live.

08.09.2013 Barry Northam added as Publisher

15.09.2013 Many category titles changed to identify Caldecott Community, some 'Documents' sub-folders removed.

26.11.2013 Gill Cook and Robert Clark added as Publishers

21.12.2013 Link to 'Library' and 'Contact us' moved to top menu.

01.01.2014 Caldecott Community article added to Home page

April 2014 This website separated from PETT server. Now www.caldecott.org.uk

May 2014 'New Look' layout to website published.

Oct 2nd 2014 Update Joomla to 2.5.26

March 2015 Joomla Live and sandbox updated to version 3.4.3

06.011.2015 Joomla Live and sandbox updated to v 3.4.5

23.03.2016 Playground and sandbox deleted. Live updated to 3.5

10.04.2016 Joomla! updated to 3.5.1

23.10.2016 Joomla now 3.6.3 and JCE Editor updated. 26 Oct Joomla! up to 3.6.4.

28.01.2017. Joomla updated to 3.6.5.

29.06.2017. Joomla updated to 3.7.2.

05.07.2017 Joomla updated to 3.7.3