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Some links to websites of that may be of interest to viewers of this site:-

Useful Links

The Caldecott Foundation   - the modern day face of Caldecott Community.

Planned Environment Therapy Trust  - holds the Caldecott Association archives .

Therapeutic Living with Other People's Children - a project by PETT includes Caldecott as one of eight communities.

"Educational Experiments in England" by Alice Woods published 1920 has many references to Caldecott Community.

Sir John Soane's Museum Drawings http://jeromeonline.co.uk/drawings/index.cfm?display_scheme=1020 - some History of Mersham le Hatch (sic. Hatch House) with reference to Robert & John Adams.

The Early Pestalozzi Children Project. A interesting website recently created (2014) by some ex-children of the Sedlescombe School. Amongst other things it wishes to discover the experiences and memories of the children and Staff who attended and seeks to make contact with any that can be found.