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Archive Event - Photos added!

Photos of the November 2015 event are now available on this website.

Click on PHOTOS in the top bar. find the folder called 'Archiving with sub-folders' and click on it. Click on 'Archiving Nov 2015 PETT' folder and click it.

Or click on this link to photo's

Enjoy the photo's and then please make a decision to join us for the next event.

You don't have to be able to use a computer, and you don't have to have your picture on the website!

Archive Event. 25th-29th July 2016

We have chosen a date for the Caldecott archive 'weekend' this summer. This will take place from 26 - 29 July.
For those of you who have not visited before, the Caldecott archive is kept by the Planned Environmental Therapy Trust [PETT] at Barns House, Toddington, Gloucestershire, and these archive 'weekends' are held there. The Trust provides accommodation in twin bedrooms, and the Caldecott Association pays for the accommodation.
The accommodation block has a small kitchen, and some people prefer to self-cater, but if at least 6 people [or sometimes fewer] attend the Trust will provide meals. The charge for this is £25 per day, but the Association will pay that charge for anyone attending an archive 'weekend' for the first time.
Those attending will be able to view the archive, and also to join in the task of processing the many photos and documents that have been [and still are being] contributed. This may involve scanning items onto a computer, or completing catalogue forms, etc.,but not everything requires computer skills; it is for instance useful to have people who are able to identify the people in old photos.
There will also of course be the opportunity to meet with old friends in circumstances that allow for more socialising than at a one-day reunion attended by far more people.
Some people choose to attend for the whole duration, but there is no obligation to do so; if you live near enough, you could attend just for one day.
We may [and some of us certainly will] arrive on the evening of 25 July. We may stay all day on 29 July, but will be asked to vacate our rooms by 10 a.m. so that they may be prepared for new visitors.
Please let Barry Northam know:-
1. Whether you will be coming and if so:-
2. When you will arrive
3. How long you will be staying
4. Whether you would like meals or would prefer to self-cater.

Don't know what and where PETT is? Click this link for more details http://www.pettrust.org.uk/

What is an event like? Click here to view a video Archiving Event

Want to join in? Go to the 'Contact Us' page and send a message. Preferably to Barry Northam, or the person of your choice from the list.

OR email Barry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!