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Casual News !!
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Casual News

Website face-lift

Mid-May 2014, a 'New Look' website published. More interesting to look at. More colour, and some auto-photo's.

Change of Website address

April 2014. We have reluctantly separated our website address from that of PETT. As from mid-April our new address is www.caldecott.org.uk giving us our own unique identity.

Note change to Website warning message. A new 'About us' page added; (to become the Home page later)

Caldecott Association have decided that full names may be used for individuals appearing in photographs.

The last 5 (missing) pages of the 1935 Chronicle have now been added.

28 April. a further 6 'missing' pages No's 15 - 20  of the Chronicle found and added.

Some more content added

March 2014:- In this first quarter of 2014, some more documents have been added, as have a few videos and photographs. A delay will occur before adding many more photo's as the Committee has to decide on it's policy regarding naming subjects whilst still protecting their privacy. Thank you to those who have given their permission for their donations and their identity to be visible on the website.


Some Progress

Dec. 2013  A tutorial was held at PETT in November and now further memories have been uploaded. Some short videos, mainly by Ley Melrose and written memories of Hyde House collected at the 1987 reunion.

Jan. 2014 Many photographs of reunions uploaded by Barry Northam, and three versions of the Caldecott Herald, together with the only version we have of the Caldecott Chronical (1935) are now available.

Apology to Viewers

Nov. 2013: Apology to viewers for the disappearance of the 2013 Reunion images. This was the result of the system being the victim of a malicious hacking attack. The effects of this attack have now been corrected, and the system security has been upgraded. The images will be replaced as soon as possible.  Keep looking Folks !


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