Casual News

December 2015:- Over the recent Christmas holiday the elves have been hard at work on the website. Over 100 photos have been added from a collection covering 1969-1970; kindly donated to the archives by David Carver. Most of these can be found in the 'Outdoor activities...' folder. Mostly in the new sub-folder 'Activities and Hobbies'; others in 'Camping and YHA' and 'Sports and Play' and a few in 'Gymkhana and Horses'.

A few in 'Children at Hatch(2)'; and a few in 'Children Misc'.

For those of a younger age, a series on Nursery Halloween in 'Indoor Activities'.

In the list at the bottom RH corner of the Home page, you will note new articles have also been added.

For administrators, the software has been upgraded to the latest Joomla! version 3.4.8

January 2016:- 12 new Historic Newsletters added to the existing 3.

August/September 2015. The website is now at the latest version 3.4.5 for Joomla and still 4.1.2 for Phoca.

Some photo's uploaded from the November Archiving event at PETT.

Now, when viewing a photo: whilst the cursor is in the area of the image, a small navigation panel appears at the top of the photo, allowing movement to previous or next image, or click the X to go back to thumbnail images.


April 2015: After a few weeks delay, during which time uploading of material had to cease, the website software has now been upgraded to the latest versions (Joomla! 3.4.1 and Phoca 4.1.2).

NOTE: to close a detail (large) view of a photo and return to the thumbnail page, now use the 'Back' button in top left hand corner of screen.

Only slight differences may be noticed by public viewers. More differences may be noticed by those uploading material. If any part of the website appears not to work, please send a message to Bob Lawton, via the 'Contact Us' page.

A new version of the guidance note 'Add one image to the Gallery' has been published.

January 2015. Margaret (Burrage) Thorne (Caldecott Staff 1939 - 1949). Transcript of her recorded memories, and snippets of her speaking, have now been uploaded to Written Memories and Oral Memories.

June 2014 - Beginning to add photo's from Anne (Cooper) Lee's sizeable collection. Most appearing in 'Outdoor activities - Gymkhana's'; 'Children at Hyde House' and 'Children at Hatch' and a few in 'Animals & Pets'.

End July, more of Ann Lee (nee Cooper) photo's uploaded, some now in 'Outdoor activities - Camping & YHA etc' depicting Ann and others on various walking/cycling tours. A total of 128 photo's now added from Ann's collection.

Sept. 2014. Barry N. has kindly uploaded his photo's of the 2014 Reunion held in Maidstone.

End Sept. 2014. 175 photo's from Ann (Cooper) Lee's collection have been uploaded. Remainder of collection not directly relevant to Caldecott.