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About Us
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The Caldecott Community - Summary-What is it?

The Caldecott Community was founded in 1911 by the 28 year old Leila Rendel. Miss Leila (as she was known to all) was a wealthy, well connected, lady who believed that creating the right environment could help disadvantaged children develop their true potential. She led the Community until 1967 and sadly died in 1969, but the need and the care continues to this day.

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The Caldecott Association

The Caldecott Association came together in 2004 with a small group of ex Caldecott Community children and two former members of staff - Simon Rodway OBE (former housemaster and chairman of the Caldecott Council, now our Caldecott Association Chairman) and James King OBE (retired Caldecott Community Director and Deputy Chaiman of the Association).

Raise funds for Caldecott Foundation here: Easy Fundraising

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This Caldecott website

This website, started in 2013 and maintained by the Caldecott Association, makes public some of the contents of the Caldecott Community Archive - a collection of artefacts, documents, images and memories. The physical objects of this archive are kindly in the custody of the "Planned Environment Therapy Trust" (PETT) located in Gloucestershire. Without the help of PETT and, in particular, its Archivist Dr Craig Fees, this site wouldn't exist. Very many thanks!

Having read this, if you feel that you could be of help in any way and would like to do so, please make contact with an Association Committee Member. Contact information is available on the Caldecott Association Newsletters or a message can be sent using the 'Contact Us' Form on the Website.


The Caldecott Foundation

For information only - Outside the remit of this Archive.

With it's evolution into a modern day care facility, around the time of the end of the millenium, the Caldecott Community changed it's name to the Caldecott Foundation, still based in Smeeth, Nr Ashford, Kent. It still cares for some of the vulnerable children in the UK who are in need of specialised respite care.