Digital memories of Caldecott Community

Jean Costello (Moley to friends) has used one of her oil paintings of 'Hatch (The Beech Tree), and a few Caldecott action video clips to put together this clever and interesting memory, a Diorama she calls it. Well worth the 13 minutes watching.

Click here to watch Moley's movie

1950s footage of the Caldecott Community 'Gymkana'. Kindly donated to the Archive by former House Mother 'Miss Melrose' during the HLF-supported project 'Therapeutic Living with Other People's Children' 2010-11.

Click link to watch short video - Gymkhana

Digital story about the Caldecott Community created by Takumba Ria Lawal, who was a child at the community in the 1960's.

Click link to open Memories

A digital record of a  typical (?) outcome of a first visit home after attending Caldecott Community. Click the link below to view.

First Morning Home