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David Novis - Remembering Mr. King
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David Novis - Remembering Mr. King



Thought from a once lost child.

If you are anchored in the past, how do you celebrate the present?
If you hide from the present, how do you believe in the future?
I have learnt to accept the past, celebrate the present and believe in the future.
I and so many like me are the legacy of Mr. King's life,
He led us from the shadows so that we may bask in the sun. 
Thank You, Mr. King, Ms. Leila, and all who follow in your footsteps.
David Novis, Caldecott 1960 to 1970

{mp3}mr king novis{/mp3}

David Novis, recorded at Caldecott House, following the celebration for James King's life, 24 June 2017