Written memories of Caldecott Community

The Charter of the Caldecott Community

This household is a community. The members of this Community are the boys and girls and grown-up people. In connection with these are the parents and many friends who help us with their goodwill and their money.

In November 2014,  92 year old Margaret (Burrage) Thorne at her home in Neath, South Wales. spoke to Bob Lawton about her memories of Caldecott Community. Margaret was a staff member, firstly at the Mote in 1939 through to 1949 at Mersham-le-Hatch, with a short break around 1945.

Since then she has spent many years associated with Local Voluntary services, and for her tireless efforts has been awarded the OBE and the CBE. She still maintains an active interest in several voluntary organisations.

A transcript of the edited recording is here. To listen to small snippets, spoken by Margaret, visit 'Oral Memories'

SA/CA/ACL.                                           ANN LEE (nee COOPER)

These are my memories of The Caldecott Community. I apologise if there are errors and if anyone is offended by what I have said or omitted to say. The latter is solely due to problems of recall in 2008 of events several years ago.

I started at the Caldecott Community in 1946 and left in 1956.

This copy was in the collection of memorabilia donated to the Archive by Anne Cooper Lee. Other copies are sure to exist elsewhere in the Archive.

The Author is not known, but the document is dated December 1969, and therefore illustrates a pivotal moment in the life of the Community, as the 'old guard' slowly disappears and the Community moves on into a new future.

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