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Written memories of Caldecott Community
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Written memories of Caldecott Community

REQUIEM - Cyril Ives (Mersham-le-Hatch 1950-58)

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In 1950, at the age of seven, I answered a knock at the door of our “family home” and with two carrier bags was whisked away by an unknown man in a car to I knew not where.

I had no preparation for this, and feeling abandoned, lost and bewildered was delivered to a grand house in the Kent countryside which was to become my home for the next eight years.

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Reflections on 31 years at Caldecott

Archive Collection ref: SA/CA/RDL/03/01

This article was written in 1993, by retired Caldecott Community Director James King, for inclusion in the house magazine of 'Association of Workers for Maladjusted Children'.  He has kindly given permission for its inclusion on our website.

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Tony Inwood recollects life at Lacton House.

Tony must have been one of a few people who's life at Caldecott had four different phases. Starting at the main building of Mersham-le-Hatch, then moving on to life at The Paddocks, followed by two years at Lacton Hall, before returning to the Colt House Annex in the Brewery Yard attached to the West Wing of 'Hatch'. A much travelled boy!

Here he offers some of his memories of Lacton House life.

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