Booklets/Leaflets etc. of Caldecott Community


A short leaflet,undated and author unknown, appears to have been written some time after the Reception Centre was in being at Mersham. It outlines the work of the Reception Centre, and that of the Caldecott Community, and finishes with a stark reminder of the Community's continuing need for Financial help and practical donations.

SA/CA/2.6 and SA/CA/5.13

A booklet written by Leila Rendel in 1952. In it she classifies and groups children under a variety of circumstances that may result in the child needing to attend a facility such as Caldecott Community. She outlines the emergence of the Children's Act 1948, and introduces the need for 'Reception Centres' as a precursor to placing a child 'In care'.

Published by Cole & Co. (Westminster) Ltd. Vauxhall Bridge Road, SW1.

This booklet, written about 1920 when the Community was at Charlton Court, describes some of the work of the Caldecott Community. It appears to have a secondary function of raising much needed funds for the Community. It includes interesting photographs as well as some original illustrations by young pupils of the Community. (The front cover illustration is, possibly, by the real-life 'George' who is a key figure in the book of the same name 'George' by Briony Webb)

by Miss Leila Rendel 1960.

Written in 2010 by A. H. Day who joined the Community at the Mote in 1932 and stayed for about seven years. Many interesting childhood memories mostly recollections of his time at the Mote. Brief mention of reunions at Mersham-le-Hatch.