Books associated with Caldecott Community

by Carmien Owen. (page 94 says he was at Caldecott age 14). Published 2013 in America, Balboa Press.

ISBN. 978-1-45257-947-4                    Content as the title suggests.

by Briony Webb. Self published. Lulu (, 2011.   ISBN. 978-1-4477-7165-4

A 'must read' for those who wish to understand the origins of Caldecott Community 1911-1920.

It is believed that the proceeds of the sale of this extraordinary book will be donated to The Caldecott Foundation.

by Noel Arden, Published 1977.  ISBN. 0 7043 31810

by Judith Niechcial. Published 2010

by Ian Hancock. Published University of Hertford's Press.  ISBN. 978-1-902806-98-3