Caldecott Community at Mersham-le-Hatch

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SA/CA/5.9 A three page leaflet undated, written to explain:- The philosophy and workings of the Community; eligibility criteria of prospective children; and Fees. As it indicates that places are available, it was presumably written shortly after the Community took possession of Mersham-le-Hatch (1947) with the resultant excess of space over Hyde House..

The relevant part of the London Gazette recording Official Approval for Caldecott Community to operate a school out of Mersham-le-Hatch 1948.

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Some of our viewers will remember the old bellows operated pipe organ, that led the singing in the Mersham-le-Hatch Chapel services for many years. A few may remember playing it. Others may remember pumping the bellows pedal/s. It is unlikely that this organ arrived from the Mote days via Hyde House as it was in private ownership in 1944, but we do know that it was 'retired' from permanent Caldecott service sometime late 1960's, early 1970's to be replaced by an electric device.

What then? I hear you ask.

This poem is based on the kitchen at Mersham-le-Hatch, and will be understood by all who were given the 'pleasure' of working there. It was published in the December issue of 'The Herald' house magazine.