Caldecott Community at Hyde House


Barbara Lee’s collection of anecdotes from Hyde House, are a reminder of our isolation there, and of the extent to which we became an ‘independent’ community. - John Hansen.

This is a booklet by Barbara Lee, who compiled these anecdotes and memories collected as part of the 1987 reunion at Hyde House. Unfortunately the original photographs have been mis-placed. When they are found they will be uploaded to the Gallery.


The Caldecott Community at Hyde House, from January 1941 until Easter 1947 - A refuge from the blitz and an escape to the countryside! John Hansen, 2013.

We arrived at Wareham train station, after a journey from London that had lasted four hours, because Poole and Southampton had been bombed and it became important to travel slowly over the tracks.

Some brief memories of a few years at Hyde House before the Caldecott Community moved back to Kent in 1947.

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