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Caldecott Community at The Mote (Mote House)
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Caldecott Community at The Mote (Mote House)

John Hansen at The Mote.


Some reflections upon life within The Caldecott Community, when it was situated at The Mote, near Maidstone in Kent, during the late nineteen thirties. - John Hansen 2013

I believe I was one of the few people who was part of The Community, from this period in its history until we were finally established at Mersham le Hatch. Although due to the fact that I had obtained a job in 1947, I took lodgings in Canterbury during the week and only returned at the weekend to help Agatha Travers and Julian Rhee with the older boys.

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Caldecott leaving Mote in 1940 as remembered by John Hansen

SA/CA/JHN    2011.158.07

Some recollections of an evacuation from Mote House near Maidstone in Kent, by the Caldecott Community in July 1940 - John Hansen (1937-1947).

Although the ‘blitz’ on London didn’t commence until September in 1940, the German bombers had been targeting the airfields in Kent from the beginning of the year and Maidstone was located at the centre of these targets. So we had become accustomed to watching the ‘dog-fights’ with our own aircraft during daylight, and even to the sound of an occasional bomb. However we would only leave our classroom, in the old stable yard, and retire to the relative safety of the cellars, when the air raid siren sounded in the nearby town. Even so, our books and equipment would be carried with us, and the morning lesson used to continue as though nothing unusual had occurred.

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