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Some History of Mersham-le-Hatch
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Some History of Mersham-le-Hatch

Mersham-le-Hatch 18th & early 19th century

These extracts are taken from "Mersham during the 18th and early 19th Centuries" by Jennifer Mills, with the kind permission of the author. Interesting reading, the whole can be found at http://mershamistery.wordpress.com/mersham-during-the-18th-and-19th-centuries/


In earlier times ... the Knatchbull family provided much employment in the mansion at Hatch and on the Estate. The Revd. Joseph Price, Vicar of Brabourne from 1767 to 1786, listed those employed by Sir Edward, the 7th Baronet, as 1 butler, 2 gardeners, a gamekeeper or huntsman, a footman, and horse groom, a horsehelper, a horse coachman, a horse postillion, perhaps coachman's helper, perhaps waggoner, her (Sir Edward's wife's) maid, 3 children's maids, a housekeeper, her maid, 2 housemaids, 2 laundry maids, a dairy maid and 2 cooks. Finn also gives a list of "domestics in the establishment", presumably of Sir Edward, the 8th Baronet...

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