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Data Entry & Edit (Front-end)
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Data Entry & Edit (Front-end)

Determine the appropriate Category/sub-category into which the digital information is to be saved or created. Some sub-categories are further divided – the subject content being mainly self-explanatory. Where the various residences are sub-categorized into 'Some History of ...' and 'Caldecott Community at...' then 'Some History of...' is intended for information relating to the physical property, its history (extensions, rebuilds, destruction etc) and its geography. Where as 'Caldecott Community at ...' is intended to contain information relating to Caldecott Community's use of the building/s.

After logging on the most usual option will be to click on Submit an Article in the User Menu or click Add to the Site found in This Site menu. This will bring up the page for creating a Text Article.

 Using the Editor panel:- In the Title box type the title. Leave the Alias box, as this is auto-filled by the software.  Creating the text is similar to using a word processor and a block of Text formatting icons is just above the Editor screen. (Hover the cursor over any icon and a pop-up window identifies its use).

Note: Joomla! will use 'Heading 2' for the Title. Any subsequent sub-heading in the article should use 'Heading 3'. Repeat keywords where possible without over-doing it.

 In the Editor screen type the article [or Copy + Paste if a digital record already exists on the computer hard-drive [If using Firefox the pop-up shortcuts don't work. Use Ctrl+C Copy; Ctrl +X Cut; Ctrl +V Paste. IE may be OK!]

Note: Copy/Paste articles may need some correction for paragraph spacing after transferring to website. After adding document files to the Editor panel, further text may be added as normal word processing.

 It may be useful for the public to only view an introductory text (e.g. 1st paragraph) on first viewing an  article. In which case click the cursor at a suitable point in the text, then click the Read more button at the bottom of the page. A red line will appear across the Editor screen to show the division point.

Scroll down to the Publishing panel. Select the chosen destination category from the drop-down list. If your User Profile allows you to approve (Publish) an Article, ensure Status is set to Published (If you are ready for the public to see the Article - otherwise use-Un-published). Featured is set to No and Access is set to Public. (or on occasions 'Registered') When finished click Save button at top.

The same process can be used for editing an article that already exists on the website. An icon of 'Red/orange pen on paper' should be present at top RH of article title if the user has permission to edit. (If article is un-published, pen icon is blue).

NOTE: Articles can be removed from the 'front end'. If you just don't want the article to be visible to viewers (e.g. draft) change status from 'published' to 'unpublished'. If you have no further use for the article choose 'Trash' from drop down menu.

If an article has to be in two (or more) categories, seek help from Administrator (may be easier than Copy+Paste).