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Upload Video to CA web via Vimeo
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Upload Video to CA web via Vimeo

Guide to uploading Video to CA Web using Vimeo website.

VIMEO - https://vimeo.com

Have video on your computer Hard Drive.

Open up Vimeo and log-in (if new member – register first).

Click the [Upload a Video] button.

Click [Choose a video to upload] button.

This opens up your hard drive directory. Select video and click [Open] button.

Check that the right video has appeared in the upload window.

Click [Upload selected videos] button. Upload starts – make take several minutes.

Once upload has started, go to [Basic Info] and add a useful title and description.

Add tag words if necessary (separated by comma).

Click on [Privacy]. Suggested settings are:-

Allow anyone to see.

No one allowed to embed.

Not allowed to comment.

Untick- download the video.

Untick – Add to their collections.

Click [Return to Video] button.

This will start 'Converting' the video. Takes even longer than uploading. DON'T LOG OUT.

Or leave the page and await an email telling you that video is ready to view.

Click to access video. Click 'Share'. Highlight 'Link' URL (e.g. http//vimeo.com/82454334) and [Ctrl + C] to copy. Then go to CA Website:-


JOOMLA! (CA Website):-

Create Article with suitable title.

Add short text decription.

Add an extra line of text (one or two words) as a link.

Highlight the link words and click the 'Link' icon. (two chain links connected).

Brings up a link window. Click cursor into Link line and [Ctrl + V] to paste Vimeo URL.

Click [Insert] button.

Complete the Article settings and click [Save].