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Add Hyperlink to Article Text (update 28.01.2017)
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Add Hyperlink to Article Text (update 28.01.2017)


A link to an external Web site

You need to know the address of the page you want to link. The best way to do this is:-

Open the page you want to link to.
Copy (Ctrl-c does this) the address in full from the top of the browser screen

In your article:-

Enter the text to be linked if it is not there already. (This is what appears as an underlined link in the finished page.)
Highlight the text to be linked
Click the "Insert/edit link" icon (two chain links).

This opens the dialogue box

Paste in the address of the destination page in the Link URL box (Ctrl-v)
In the 'Text box below the URL box, add text that will show up as the link, if not done earlier.
Click drop-down arrow at 'Target' box - there is a list of choices.
Choose 'Open in New Window' (To open in a new window, rather than in the same page this is often helpful for external sites:-)

Finally - to insert the link -Click on the Insert button at the bottom of the dialogue box.

After saving the article, test the link to make sure it works!!