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Community Congregation
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Community Congregation

Some may remember these meetings, usually once a term as I remember, during which we were reminded of the Community principles by the reading of the 'Charter' by Miss Leila assisted by two chosen children (the Heralds); heard news of Community pupils and staff who had moved on; and finished with  a rousing rendering of 'Jerusalem', and occasionally 'Non Nobis Domine'.

With frequent public renderings of 'Jerusalem' most of us will well remember the words. How many remember 'Non Nobis'?

As a reminder, here are the words of Rudyard Kipling, written for 'The pageant of Parliament-1934'. The version used at Congregation was almost certainly the arrangement for voices and piano published by Roger Quilter circa 1935.


Non Nobis, Domine! 
Not unto us, O Lord, 
The praise and glory be 
Of any deed or word. 
For in Thy judgement lies 
To crown or bring to nought 
All knowledge and device 
That man has reached or wrought.

And we confess our blame, 
How all too high we hold 
That noise which men call fame, 
That dross which men call gold. 
For these we undergo 
Our hot and godless days, 
But in our souls we know 
Not unto us the praise.

O Power by whom we live 
Creator, Judge and Friend, 
Upholdingly forgive, 
Nor leave us at the end. 
But grant us yet to see, 
In all our piteous ways, 
Non Nobis, Domine, 
Not unto us the praise.

All together now ...