Indoor Activities at Caldecott Community

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                                              HOW WE MADE “THE HERALD”

In the late 1950's some volunteers decided to resurrect the creation of a Caldecott magazine.Barry Northam was Editor and here reviews the efforts that were needed to progress the task.

The resulting magazines can be found using this link – Caldecott Magazines.

Extracts from email Christopher Howell (Caldecott 1961-1971) to Bob Lawton, 19 March 2014.

In relation to Archive record SA/CA/BRT -SA/CA 1.5. containing a manuscript music book of an arrangement by Christopher Howell of the Overture to 'Music for the Royal Fireworks' by G.F.Handel.

For those who wish to read an interesting summary of Christopher's musical activities click this link More of Christopher

Some may remember these meetings, usually once a term as I remember, during which we were reminded of the Community principles by the reading of the 'Charter' by Miss Leila assisted by two chosen children (the Heralds); heard news of Community pupils and staff who had moved on; and finished with  a rousing rendering of 'Jerusalem', and occasionally 'Non Nobis Domine'.

With frequent public renderings of 'Jerusalem' most of us will well remember the words. How many remember 'Non Nobis'?

As a reminder, here are the words of Rudyard Kipling, written for 'The pageant of Parliament-1934'. The version used at Congregation was almost certainly the arrangement for voices and piano published by Roger Quilter circa 1935.