Outdoor Activities at Caldecott Community

Camping, Youth Hostelling, Horse Riding, Gyhmkana, Sports days etc. etc.

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Bob Lawton recalls this incident when he and some other boys were walking along the beach,

A short video by Ley Melrose, taken by a stream near the village of Mersham. Probably in the 1950's

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A short video, by Ley Melrose, taken in the grounds of Mersham-le-Hatch, probably 1950's.

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Link to Children in Snow

Outward Bound Organisation

To Serve-To Strive-and not to Yield”

An infrequent outdoor activity, but one managed by Caldecott, was that one of the more senior boys would be invited to join an 'Outward Bound' course; either at a Sea School or a Mountain School.

In my case it was a Sea School at Aberdovey, in South Wales. Course No 161 in August 1956, lasting the usual one month.