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The Caldecott Association
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The Caldecott Association

The Caldecott Association came together in 2004 with a small group of ex Caldecott Community children and two former members of staff - Simon Rodway OBE (former housemaster and chairman of the Caldecott Council, now our Caldecott Association Chairman) and James King OBE (retired Caldecott Community Director and Deputy Chaiman of the Association).

Raise funds for Caldecott Foundation here: Easy Fundraising


Other participants (former pupils) are Gill Cook (secretary), Anne [Coningham] Naylor (co-ordinator/newsletter ), Pam [Clark] Bates (treasurer), Robert Clark (archivist), Brian Ellis, Paul Camp and Christopher Browning.


Gill has done a great job compiling 'an association member list' of former Caldecott staff and pupils who contribute a small sum toward receiving a periodic newsletters giving updates, news, reunion dates, info. on the progress of a Caldecott archive and more besides. E.g. liaison with The Caldecott Foundation resident in Caldecott House formerly 'The Paddocks'. Anne and Robert have put on CD (for sale) a fascinating collection of Caldecott photos, places and people, groups, views, etc. collected from a variety of sources. The ‘photo library’ by its nature has the potential to grow with refs. out there that many former Caldecott’s may wish to provide. We would welcome this so that a balanced picture of Caldecott can be viewed from its early days to the present and beyond as participants may contribute from the relatively new The Caldecott Foundation as it now is in Smeeth. We can scan individual submissions and return the originals or retain them if donors are happy to have them added to the overall archive. The Caldecott Association contact with former Caldecott’s is not complete. Many may have no knowledge of us. Unfortunately, Friends Reunited does not allow posting of addresses and emails, etc. Please feel free to note my name or any other committee member who is featured with FR’s ‘Caldecott Community and Foundation’ list in order to make contact. The Caldecott Community later Caldecott Foundation was and remains a unique place out of which from children 'in care' we contribute in our own individual ways to a wider world with our skill, enterprise, the bringing up and nurturing of families, academics, citizenship, wayfaring, simply being us and "...going forward on an Eternal Quest for ever seeking to discover..." (‘The Caldecott Charter’) in this world of challenges. All The Best!